Taylor Swift's epic 1989 Hyde Park show reviewed

Taylor Swift  

1989 World Tour

Hyde Park

Taylor shows why she’s the biggest pop star in the world with a fantastic and heartfelt headline performance.


It came as a big surprise when Barclaycard BST Festival had announced they had secured Taylor Swift as a headliner for their annual Hyde Park event, the singer is not known to play many festivals but It came as less of a surprise to learn Taylor was one of only a few artists to sell out the 65,500 capacity crowd, unless you were Taylor of course who throughout the night showed genuine surprise and amazement she was playing to so many people who were all singing and dancing along whilst covered in home made outfits and holding large signs showing their devotion to Swift.

It’s titled “The 1989 World Tour” and that’s exactly what you get, a concert which relies heavily on her fantastic recent album 1989 (check out our review here) a risky move for some artists who like to only play 3 or 4 recent tracks and focus on a large greatest hits section… not Taylor. 15 songs from 1989 feature in the set and it works perfectly with a few classics reworked and thrown in for good measure to match her new style.

The show’s start catches everyone by surprise, out of nowhere the dancers appear and Taylor begins 15 minutes early (for a now extended set of 2 hours and 15 mins). The crowd scream as she launches into “Welcome To New York” decked out in sunglasses (which later get thrown into the crowd) she shows off her new dance moves through the opening numbers including early highlight “Blank Space” in which she borrows a trick from good friend Ed Sheeran and uses a loop pedal tocreate a beat and chant of her shouting “Hyde Park”, she called it an experiment but it was definitely a success.

An almost unrecognisable at first grungy and rock version of “I Knew You Were Trouble” has it sounding like a fresh new track and better than ever. she then proceeds to various different songs and sets from 1989 including a Singing In The Rain styled “How You Get The Girl” with male dancers doing a well choreographed umbrella routine and even dangling from the top of the stage on lampposts whilst “I Know Places” saw Taylor burst through various doors with leather clad bikers in pursuit.

Her catwalk rises into the air and rotates over the crowd for a 3 song set where she brings out the guitar for a mass singalong to ballad “You Are In Love” which even sees an extra chorus thrown in after a crowd chant of Swifts name nearly brings her to tears. A big empowering speech on self worth launches into “Clean” before she plays her “1989 styled” version of her breakout UK no.1 track “Love Story” which shows how much she has evolved from small country artist to massive pop star.

“Style” sees Taylor bring out a large portion of her squad to strut the catwalk with her, featuring Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Martha Hunt, Karlie Kloss, surprisingly Serena Williams straight from Wimbledon, and literally flying the flag for the UK Cara Delevigne, it works brilliantly and the crowd show their love for all the special celebrity guests.

Recent single “Bad Blood” sounds as epic as ever in a high energy routine based on the music video with Swift in the same outfit. Taylor’s vocals had been spot on all night but got there chance to shine when she sat down at the piano for an amazing and beautiful mash up of Speak Now’s “Enchanted” and 1989’s “Wildest Dreams”. 


“Out Of The Woods” never felt more fitting amongst the massive trees of Hyde Park as she disappeared for one last time before returning for the epic finale of “Shake It Off” which saw an already crazy crowd lose their minds to the anti hate anthem.

Between songs you were either treated to video montages of her close friends discussing Taylor or she will deliver a speech to the audience which included friendship, love and self esteem. You could tell she had the crowd hanging on every word, despite sounding rehearsed you could tell she meant every single word she said and it meant a lot to the audience, not many people have a endearing and genuinely honest personality as Taylor and it shows whether it’s when she’s dishing out advice like “I wish no one ever waited four hours to text you back when you know they're holding their phone….. That’s rude.” or when the crowd burst out into an impromptu chant of “Taylor, Taylor” and you can see she’s close to tears showing how much this all means to her.

Swift is confident. loveable and a fantastic singer and leaves us with only one question…. what could possibly be next for the pop superstar? whatever it is, we can’t wait to find out.





1. Welcome to New York
2. New Romantics
3. Blank Space
4. I Knew You Were Trouble
5. I Wish You Would
6. How You Get the Girl
7. I Know Places
8. All You Had to Do Was Stay
9. You Are in Love
10. Clean
11. Love Story
12. Style (Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Martha Hunt, Karlie Kloss, Serena Williams, and Cara Delevigne)
13. This Love
14.Bad Blood
15. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
16. Enchanted + Wildest Dreams Medley
17. Out of the Woods
18. Shake It Off