10 Acts To Watch... Lollapalooza 2017

10 Acts to Watch……


 Lollapalooza 2017


This year’s Lollapalooza located in the beautiful city of Chicago in the States is only a few months away and tickets are going fast, We’ve chosen some of the best acts for you to check out at the festival, some are veterans you may have already heard of before, others are new and upcoming bands you may have not but what they all have in common is that they will all put on unmissable sets you can’t miss!


1. Arcade Fire

There are 3 massive rock/indie headliners this year (the other two being Killers and Muse who are also fantastic) but I’ve decided to pick just one for this list so I can focus on some of the smaller names you should check out, back in 2014 I witnessed one of the greatest festival headline sets of my life and that was Arcade Fire at Glastonbury.

If you’ve seen the legendary Montreal band live before you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about, they’ve got a massive back catalogue of hits now to draw from, each one grabbing a different emotion from you whether it be nostalgia, sadness or pure joy. what’s even more enticing however is the band are expected to have released their fifth album by this point meaning we could get a set full of brand new songs no one else is yet to hear! 

2. Chance The Rapper

I’ve wrote endlessly about this young man in the past year, his album even ranked in my top 5 for 2016. Chance brought out all sorts of feelings when he came over to London and triumphantly headlined the Brixton Academy, now he headlines his hometown and arguably one of America’s biggest ever festivals when he takes to the stage at Lollapalooza in Chicago this summer.

His success is fully deserved, it’s mostly down to his hard work and dedication that he constantly shows, he’s even picked up three grammy’s! not bad for an unsigned artist who’s made it big his own way and remained focused on putting his fans first, last year’s Coloring Book can only be considered a triumph and his following headline shows were fantastic with puppets and stunning visuals galore, not to mention a connection with the crowd like I haven’t seen before. 

You just know that for many festival goers, this Chicago boy is their must see and is bound to do them all proud, why would you want to miss that?

3. Lorde

Another act we’re extremely passionate about over at The Perfect Tempo is the sensational Lorde, once described by the late and great David Bowie as ‘the future of music’ it’s not hard to see why, you just need to take a look at her commanding presence on Coachella’s main stage and you’ll see just that, next month we’ll see her release her second album ‘Melodrama’ and from what we’ve seen it’s bound to be glorious and the next step on her path to stardom.

She’s seen as an icon for the outcast’s, her home written lyrics from her debut about struggling to fit in as well as finding joy in being the outsider resonated with many and it’s clear to see from stunning new singles ‘Green Light’ and ‘Liability’ that she has not lost that sense of connection or relatability

Not to mention her live act is simply outstanding, it’s worth you going just to see how freely she express’s herself during her songs.

4. The Shins

There’s not much more I can say than what I’ve already covered in my glowing review from when The Shin’s came to London earlier this year but I’ll try, James Mercer and co. deliver easily one of the funniest and uplifting sets you’ll see all summer, even in their most melancholic numbers will you find yourself utterly gripped.

Latest album ‘Heartworms’ is nothing short of a return to form from the band, if your not instantly hooked by lead single ‘Name For You’ then I’m afraid you’re simply not human, this of course is backed by decades of indie anthems such as ‘Simple Song’ and ‘New Slang’.

This is one band you shouldn’t miss!

5. London Grammar

British trio London Grammar are releasing ‘The Truth Is A Beautiful Thing’ next month and there will be no better time to catch them than at Lollapalooza, I recommend in the months between you swat up on what will be a truly beautiful album, how am I so sure of this you ask? just listen to the previews we’ve heard so far such as ‘Big Picture’ or the title track.

Shortly after they released their first album I was lucky to catch them in an intimate tent tucked away in a Glasgow park, all day the crowd had been rowdy and chaotic but it only took a single note from lead singer Hannah to silence them, for 45 minutes you couldn’t hear a pin drop, her voice is that stunning, unlike anything I’ve heard live before or since then, you were almost deafened by the applause they received when the finale came around, listen to this live clip and you’ll see for yourself why.

6. Liam Gallagher

There’s a 50/50 chance this will be either a train wreck or marvellous. What is guaranteed however that either way it’ll be utterly compelling that’s for sure, the ex Oasis frontman and rock legend Liam Gallagher is indeed giving it another go after a disastrous turn with former band Beady Eye.

We’ve yet to hear any new material from the solo project but the ever modest Liam has been shooting his mouth off about it’s brilliance, so it’s up to you if you want to take his word for it. What we have heard his the obviously excellent material from Oasis which still stands up to the test of time, hopefully we’ll be hearing some of these classics come August.

7. Migos

Migos have gone stratospheric this year, it’s unlikely you’ve been able to escape them either at festivals or on the radio, you know when they take to the stage at Lollapalooza they’ll be greeted by one of the largest crowds of the weekend and for good reason, if your after a good time then it’s definitely the place to be.

8. Rag N Bone Man

Rag N Bone Man is a critics favourite over here in the UK, he’s won multiple best newcomer awards and his album is still yet to leave the top 5 in the charts, If your yet to see the face behind that massive soulful voice then your guaranteed to be surprised.

He’s already had two massive hits with ‘Human’ and ‘Skin’ with their anthem like choruses, your bound to belting along at the top of your voice.

9. Sampha

He’s debut album had been long coming but it was definitely worth the wait, If you’ve somehow missed this man then your in for a treat, after working with many different artists over the years such as Jessie Ware and Drake he’s finally stepping out of their shadows and releasing some excellent music of his own.

You’ll find it incredibly hard not to shed a tear during the painfully beautiful ‘No One Knows Me Like The Piano’. his moving lyrics and soft voice really make him stand out, he’s defintiley only getting bigger from here so make sure to check him out.

10. Justice

I haven’t mentioned any dance music of yet but if you want a set that’s going to blow your mind then look no further than Justice, their festival sets so far have been defining moments, they make dance music not cheesy EDM all about the drop, get ready for some joyful 80’s style anthems when they arrive in Chicago.