New Tracks: HAIM - 'Want You Back' & Paramore - 'Told You So'

Today I'm glad to announce we have two brand new tracks to showcase! both are the second songs to come from their respective albums and are available to stream or purchase now.

First up we have HAIM's official return single, after showcasing their new album with 'Right Now' they've returned with a new studio recorded single, we have to admit we were wrong, it sounded like the recorded version of 'Right Now' would be released this week but instead we have the much catchier 'Want You Back', it's not a drastic change from the songs off their first album 'Days Are Gone', it has a big focus on harmonies and massive sing along of a chorus, it's very reminicent of Tango era Fleetwood Mac, which can only be a good thing, check it out below!

'Want You Back' is taken from HAIM's upcoming second album 'Something To Tell You' out on July 7th.

Our second song to show you is from Paramore's upcoming fifth album 'After Laughter' which believe it or not is less than 2 weeks away from it's release, 'Hard Times' was a fantastic piece of synth-pop but some fans were upset it wasn't typical Paramore, those fans should be more than elated then with the release of 'Told You So', it has that distinctive pop feel of their new era but with a much edgier and traditional Paramore punk rock sound. Check out the Zac Farro written and directed video below.

'Told You So' is taken from Paramore's 'After Laughter' which is set to be released on May 12th.

So there you have it! we'll be keeping you updated with the latest tracks as they drop, in the meantime tell us your thoughts on the new tracks in the comment's below.