Halsey premieres 'Eyes Closed' and talks new album 'hopeless fountain kingdom' with Baz Luhrmann and Zane Lowe

Halsey has released the second single 'Eyes Closed' from her upcoming second album 'hopeless fountain kingdom', it's a dark pop song which is heavily influenced and helped by The Weeknd which is felt throughout the whole song. you can listen to that below;

Halsey has had a busy few years, she's somehow flirted between a cult following and mainstream hits simultaneously. you may think you've heard her from the collaborations such as 'Closer' with The Chainsmokers or 'The Feeling' with Justin Bieber but the truth couldn't be further from that, dive into her debut album 'BADLANDS' and you'll realise she's so much more of an artist than she's given credit for.

Her albums have themes and concepts, their interlinked, rather than 12 no.1 hits you instead have themes interlinking throughout the record, in terms of her second album the themes are clearly of love and loss, more specifically based on Baz Lurhmann's Romeo + Juliet, so who better to have a interview with? it's a great indepth discussion once brought again by Zane Lowe on beats1, have a listen below.

And of course check out the music video for first single 'Now Or Never' in which you can really see how Baz's influence shines through the video.

Halsey has announced a world tour starting in America this September, If your hoping to see her over on this shores you can see her at Glastonbury and the Reading & Leeds Festivals where she'll be sure to be playing tracks from 'hopeless fountain kingdom' which is out on June 2nd.