LCD Soundsystem make a glorious return with 'Call The Police' & 'American Dream'

After seven very long years, the time is almost upon us for a new LCD Soundsystem album and we finally have a first taste of it with two brand new songs 'Call The Police' and 'American Dream'.

James Murphy's incredible New York indie/disco/electro band LCD Soundsystem have had a crazy history, from their initial cult beginnings to their eventual rise to festival headliners across the world it's been one hell of a story. that's not mentioning three critically acclaimed albums and a heartbreaking farewell concert.

Back in 2011 it seemed like it would be the last time we would be hearing from LCD, after a 3 hour long epic of a final concert they seemingly disappeared into the music history books, skip forward a few years to autumn 2015 and rumours were rampant that a big reunion was on the cards, due to be starting off in 2016 headlining Coachella, those were of course true (and what a triumphant set that was), some fans however were quick to call it a cash grab, LCD easier the fears with the promise it was going to bring new material, this started with a surprising festive song 'Christmas Will Break Your Heart', a sad but beautiful way to spend your Xmas Day.

It's been a long 18 months since then, but now we have our first glimpse of their 4th LP, it's still untitled but it's nearly finished and James & co. have kindly shared with the world two of the songs to be featured on it. It may be too early to say but 'Call The Police' is one of their best tracks yet, it's epic and grabs you almost instantaneously, in terms of their anthems it's up their with All My Friends, equalling in it's 7th minute length which absolutely fly's by, with it's incredible bass line and frantic drum beats it's going to be an iconic track and the perfect way to silence any doubters about a reunion. 'American Dream' is absolutely heartbreaking, a 6 minute synth ballad that will have you deep in contemplation, just listen to James almost cry out the song title as the track draws to it's close and just try to keep your eyes dry.

Check out both of the tracks below!

LCD Soundsystem play SNL this Saturday night! we'll be sure to post the live clips on the site this weekend, hopefully we'll have both of the tracks performed. For now though it's good to have them back!

If you want to read what the band had to say about the new tracks, check out their announcement post;