Spotlight: Swimsuit Issue

2018 see’s the launch of Spotlight, this is a brand new set of feature pieces on The Perfect Tempo highlighting the new artists you desperately need to hear. One of the things I enjoy most is telling people about the new music I hear and there’s not a better feeling than watching them grow into massive artists in their own right. I’ll never forget going crazy over this young teenager Lorde on Soundcloud only to watch her flourish into a global superstar mere months later. We’re kicking off January in style with not one but two artists to Spotlight our second artist of is….

Swimsuit Issue - Miles Garber (left) & David Gagliardi (right)

Swimsuit Issue - Miles Garber (left) & David Gagliardi (right)

Swimsuit Issue

Swimsuit Issue is a New York based band consisting of lead singer & fashion model Miles Garber and punk guitarist David Gagliardi. I think it would be harder to find a more peculiar combination of backgrounds and styles but together they make a surprisingly promising sound, originally formed in 2014, they now find themselves on the verge of breaking big.

Considering Swimsuit Issue is as about as American as you can get, you may be shocked to discover their sound is fascinatingly British. combining those anarchy punk stylings of David with Miles’s more traditional and acoustic sounds you get a surprisingly Brit-Pop style not too dissimilar to that of Blur or Oasis. 

I think the most straightforward example of this is ‘Look Now’ which when first heard could easily be mistaken for a Noel Gallagher High Flying Bird’s track, that’s not to say that as a criticism, however. the band have utilized Miles quite deep, gravely rock vocals and placed them alongside layers of rock guitars, the track sounds massive and is well suited for stadiums.

Swimsuit Issue is no gimmick or manufactured band either, they’re very serious about what they do and they’ve got their heads firmly switched on. Not content in making things straightforward they’ve found inspiration in the likes of Fugazi and more recently Stormzy with the creation of their own record label - Elevator Records.

If you’re even remotely interested in rock and roll music you’ll find at least one thing to love about Swimsuit Issue, their focus is sharply placed on the release of an upcoming EP, we don’t have much information yet but the guys have been busy at work on music videos and prepping the songs both in the studio and live.

We haven’t even mentioned guitarist David Gagliardi, who you may also recognise from hardcore punk band Trash Talk (the only non hip-hop act to be signed on Odd Future’s record label), with the seal of approval from collaborator Tyler, The Creator you know that whatever David is involved in with it’s going to be going places. 

Swimsuit Issue are playing tonight in Brooklyn, New York tonight before playing Resident in Los Angeles on the 7th February, you can find all the information tickets on their Facebook page here.

Keep your eyes posted on their socials below and our site for all the latest news on their first E.P.


the Spotlight feature will return in February with another artist for you to check out.