Spotlight: So Below

2018 see’s the launch of Spotlight, this is a brand new set of feature pieces on The Perfect Tempo highlighting the new artists you desperately need to hear. One of the things I enjoy most is telling people about the new music I hear and there’s no better feeling than watching them grow into massive artists in their own right. I’ll never forget going crazy over this young teenager Lorde on Soundcloud only to watch her flourish into a global superstar mere months later. We’re kicking off January in style with not one but two artists to Spotlight the first of which is….

So Below

So Below

Our first spotlight is being placed on...

So Below

So Below is the sounds of Maddie North from New Zealand, she shrouds herself in dark mystery and is quickly becoming heralded as the Goth-pop queen, it only takes a quick listen to her music to see why.

I find the word unique is thrown around quite loosely these days but So Below truly is, she falls into a genre all unto herself, it’s a beautifully strange mix of Dreamlike pop, electronica and synth wonders. Her voice is light but also extremely expansive, it floats across all of her tracks like an instrument in herself.

If I was to take a leap and try and compare her to someone I’d have to say she’s similar in sound to fellow New Zealand peers Naked And Famous sharing a similar electronic style and choice of synth style instrumentals.

In fact, the band picked up on this when they decided to place her as their support act with Aaron Short from TNAF even coming on board to mix and master her tracks. Another quick and interesting comparison is that If you’ve heard any of Charlotte Hatherley’s recent work I think that you’ll really enjoy the music of So Below.

The best way to help you understand just why you should listen to So Below though is to show you. I’ve attached my favourite video ‘Ruin’. has created a song and visual that both really highlight what makes So Below so special and a future star.

with her music as So Below, Maddie has shown she has a clearly defined image and knows exactly how she should be sounding, her mix of goth stylings, electronic beats and ethereal vocals make her a compelling artist that you need on your radar.

We've attached a selection of places you can follow, keep track and discover more from So Below.


We can't wait to see what Maddie has in store for 2018, in the meantime keep your eyes peeled on The Perfect Tempo and our new Spotlight feature for more artists you need to be keeping a close eye on.