Review: Lily Moore - I Will Never Be [EP]


Lily Moore
I Will Never Be

After impressing with her debut EP earlier this year, Lily Moore’s outstanding follow up showcases a young singer who has a natural talent for songwriting, incredible vocal delivery and now a discography to match.


Lily Moore first came to our attention earlier this year with the release of her fantastic debut EP ‘Not That Special’. A collection of songs which, to this date are still refreshingly unique, and showcase a young singer with bundles of talent and a bright future ahead. Follow up EP ‘I Will Never Be’ is not just another showcase of that potential but an impressive leap in quality that takes Moore’s discography from ‘great’ to ‘simply outstanding’.

Our first sign of the EP came back in August with the release of the title track. ‘I Will Never Be’ is Moore’s self-proclaimed diva moment, a strong power ballad which emphasises Moore’s talent for songwriting. She places a twist on the traditional love song formula through a collection of strikingly personal verses, in which Moore focuses on that heartbreaking moment in which the unrequited lover finally comes to terms that they “Will Never Be” the one. Moore’s unique talent, however, is in the way she delivers these lyrics, in such a way that the listener can connect not with just her own heartbreak but able to relate it back to themselves. That’s the real sign of a powerful diva ballad, and Moore nails it.

Of course, just like her debut EP, there’s a couple of tender moments in which, the full band subside and only a few gentle piano keystrokes are needed, Moore’s soulful vocals can lift a track simply by themselves, this is instantly apparent on ‘Do This For Me’. A lounge styled ballad which is similar in tone and style to that of Moore’s earlier tracks. However, the clear evolution and growth from her first project to now reside in the song's bridge. A moment in any ballad which can transform a track and here really provides an emphatic finale to the song. Perfecting the bridge is something Adele and Winehouse have proven time and time again to nail, and despite being only a newcomer to the scene the early signs for Moore are certainly impressive.

‘I Know I Wanna Be With You’ is an uplifting piece of pure pop joy. From its background percussion which just begs to be clapped along to, down to the finger snaps and gospel-infused chorus, (with traditional, choral style backing vocals) it’s simply delightful. Moore’s vocal delivery is also superb, the track demonstrating a masterclass in how to stretch out notes and fill those little chord bends with emotion. It’s a highlight on the EP and is sure to create a fantastic ‘live moment’ when Moore performs this alongside a full live band.

‘All Day’ concludes the EP but also hints at another string in Moore’s bow, stylistically it’s a departure from not just the previous tracks but her whole collection. The verses, especially the opening of the track which adopts a more light-hearted flow, so light it could almost be considered rapping from the young Brighton songstress. As she tells a story of one of those great days just hanging with your beau, even if it’s just doing nothing together. The quirky, relatable lyrics and their delivery immediately makes me think of an early Lily Allen style joyous pop song but with an added soulful edge.

Back when ‘Not That Special’ was released, I was quick to draw comparisons to her more well-known influences. On ‘I Will Never Be’ though, It’s clear Lily Moore is starting to find her own path, her songwriting and melodies keep improving. More impressive still each track feels different, not afraid to experiment with different genres but sticking to a style that’s undeniably herself. The result is an EP which is pretty much faultless, but much more than that, it’s exciting. There’s a big gap in the charts for a singer like Moore, a fusion of Duffy and Winehouse all mixed in with a slight pinch of catchy 60’s doo-wop to create that special something that’s been missing for just too long.