Lily Moore - Omeara [Live Review] 'Simply Outstanding'


Lily Moore
Omeara [02/10/18]

Playing her largest headline gig to date at a sold out Omeara. Lily Moore, now with a full backing band, is simply outstanding. A young woman with a powerful voice, who continues to rise through the ranks.


We’ve been reporting on Brighton singer-songwriter Lily Moore for a while now. Whether it be EP releases or live performances the 19-year-old continues to impress and improve. To mark the release of her second EP ‘I Will Never Be’ released on Monday night, she’s embarked on a short tour of the UK. This brings us to last night and her largest ever sold out date in London, at one of my favourite new venues in the capital, Omeara.

A quick note has to go out to the evenings' support act Plested, a gifted local songwriter. Most known for writing Little Mix’s hit single ‘Touch’, his original version shows a depth and emotion only the writer could achieve in the performance. The main event, however, was Moore, there was a notable sense of anticipation in the air. A feeling capitalised on by the songstress with the sensational, unreleased opening number ‘When You Showed Up’, providing her with a true Diva entrance and in her own words “a little mystique”.

This only set the stage for a brilliant yet brisk 45-minute set. The time seemed to go at a breathless pace, hit after hit. Each song seemed to resonate in a different way with the crowd, even when Moore was experimenting with a new track like the exciting, almost frenzied pace of ’10 Ways’ and despite its title, the upbeat, catchy ‘Breaking My Own Heart’ with its earworm of a chorus.

Tonight, however, was a celebration of the latest EP, each one of its tracks impressing in different ways when performed live. Such as the striking ‘Do This For Me’, a personal favourite of Moore’s in which she poured huge amounts of emotion in to its performance, and ‘I Will Never Be’ which provided that effortlessly powerful ‘live moment’ which the gig had been building up to, that final ‘woooh’ at the crescendo of the track was soul piercing, the power behind her vocals almost indescribable.

I was pleasantly surprised that when Moore decided to place a cover of Sam Cooke’s ‘A Change Is Gonna Come’ in the encore that she didn’t go the traditional route. With such a strong voice as hers, it must be tempting to belt out the words like a power ballad, instead, Moore opted for the much more understated route. You could hear a pin drop as a silent room was transfixed by Moore’s acoustic, stripped back twist on the classic.

There were a few light criticisms when we last saw Moore earlier this year, the lack of a full band was the main concern. However, the growth in just under five months up till now has been stunning. She’s now backed up by a guitarist, drummer and keyboardist (with Moore occasionally joining in acoustically). The difference is instantly noticeable, an extra punch to her performance that really helps deliver the lyrics and push Moore’s vocals even further.

We haven’t even mentioned Moore’s much more relaxed and engaging stage patter which reminds everyone that this is still a young woman who isn’t failing to appreciate just how rapid the speed of her progression is moving at. But can also have a laugh over her rather suspicious looking flask containing her ‘Honey & Lemon’.

The evening itself concluded on ‘Now I Know’ another unreleased track which oozes with potential. I’ve witnessed a lot of upcoming artists over the past couple of years but it truly feels like Moore is a breath of fresh air. her mix of lounge and pop is intoxicating, especially when delivered by Moore. Her voice has an age and experience to it beyond her years. with Omeara conquered, the only way for Moore now, is surely up.