Review: Lily Moore - Not That Special [EP] "Soulful songstress spellbinds with debut EP"


Lily Moore
Not That Special

19 year old Lily Moore’s debut EP proves the talented and soulful teenager actually is very special indeed.


Lily Moore has achieved a lot so far in such a short space of time, she has already supported Vance Joy and George Ezra on sold out tours at venues as big as Brixton Academy. She is set to support James Bay late next month on his own tour including a very special date at Camden’s Roundhouse and finally, yesterday she released her debut EP ‘Not That Special’.

It only takes one listen through the four track selection to see just why Moore is continuing to rise and is landing such prestigious placements. It’s because she truly has something distinctive that sets her apart from the rest. In Moore’s case it’s her signature tone, an Amy Winehouse styled husk that sings meaningful lyrics rooted from her teenage experiences.

First track ‘Not That Special’ is the perfect introduction to those soulful vocals, it might be cliche to say but Moore really does sounds older and more experienced than her young years. Luxurious and smooth instrumentals reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Albatross’ glide her vocals along to a gorgeous and powerful vocal crescendo. It’s a strong first statement from the young lady.

’17’ dabbles in a funkier aesthetic, a much more light-hearted and playful song that allows Moore to significantly up her tempo, it’s jazzy and joyful. The highlight of the EP, however, is ‘Lying To Yourself’ an intoxicatingly catchy song that wouldn’t be amiss on an Adele record, it’s a mix of a pleasing guitar riff and designed for crowd participation percussion results in an effortlessly enjoyable hit.

The collection ends with the beautiful ballad ‘Come And See Inside My Mind’, much more delicate and reflective than the rest of the record whilst also being unique in its structure as it rarely conforms to a traditional verse/chorus pattern. It’s an indication that beyond her soulful voice there is a young artist whose not afraid to experiment with styles.

ignore the title, ’Not That Special’ is, in fact, a very special EP, Lily Moore is refreshingly unique and unashamedly herself and this first collection of tracks should be considered a success, there’s a bright future ahead for the young songstress we're just waiting for them to breakthrough.