Review: Adam French - You From The Rest [EP] 'An Exciting English songwriter with a difference'


Adam French

You From The Rest    


At only 25 years old, Adam French is setting the acoustic scene on fire, latest EP shows why everyone can't stop talking about his music.


There’s a lot of exciting new EP’s been released these past few weeks from rising singer-songwriter’s. The latest comes from Adam French, at only 25 years his recent material has seen recommendations and praise from the likes of Kylie Minogue and Dua Lipa.

His new EP ‘You From The Rest’ builds on this past material considerably, it may be brief, featuring only 3 new tracks and an acoustic reworking but in French’s case, it’s certainly quality over quantity. 

Starting with title track ‘You From The Rest’, an intense, dark, yet beautiful song that delves into removing those toxic people that drag you down. a common occurrence in our life but a subject hardly touched on in modern singles. the intensity of the content is matched by melancholic guitar riffs with even a breakdown partway through reminiscent of a classic drum and bass track.

The beauty aspect of the track is realised much more on the acoustic rework at the end of the EP, French has a distinct growl to his tone similar to that of Ben Howard and James Bay, it’s a refreshing aspect to his music that helps place him apart from your everyday singer with a guitar. 

‘Incompatible’ is a punchy and sweet track that will have you singing along whilst it pulls at your heartstrings, yet another delightful track with deep and reflective lyrics for the listener to revisit. It’s a song that also highlights French’s multi-instrumental talents, especially on the guitar which builds and grows throughout the song.

French can also reach a higher tone with his vocal range, this is prominent on the final track ‘No Cigar’, a much more playful track with clever and intelligent lyrics full of little plays on words. 

I have a feeling that Adam French is set to be a big name coming into the second half of 2018 and if his debut album is even half as strong as his latest EP we’re in for a treat.