Spotlight: Poetic Horror - City Air / Astronaut

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Poetic Horror
City Air / Astronaut

At first glance, Poetic Horror may look familiar. The project is the creation of Northampton local Kailan Price who has already taken festival stages by storm as the frontman of alternative rock group Fox Chapel.

Poetic Horror, however, is an exciting departure from the traditional foundations of a rock band. Inspired by Hip-Hop and Post-Punk, Price has embraced the darker, grittier feel of those genres to help him explore brave new sonics which doesn’t just invoke modern culture but something completely new and thrilling entirely.

There’s so much to unpack in each of Poetic Horrors two new singles, the first ‘City Air’ is a bold and exciting introduction to Price’s new melancholic persona. The ethereal opening notes invoke Vapourware and early 80’s synth music. Suddenly, the intensity ramps up with a series of percussion and altered vocals that embraces Modern Hip Hop. That’s not to mention the punk influences which ooze out of the brutally honest and emotional lyrics.

All of those qualities are present in following single ‘Astronaut’ which mixes a more gentle, delicate and spaced out instrumentation alongside increasingly vivid and explicit lyrics as Price muses ‘I guess you fuck with other boys now?”. Its yet another exciting and promising track from Poetic Horror. It also has to be noted just how solid, professional and interesting the production is on each track. Price has an ear for just how a song should progress and flow, knowing when to leave you entranced in a beat or suitably hyped up.

It's hard not to get the impression that at least some of his inspiration has come from splitting his time between the ever more decaying surroundings of hometown Northampton and the vibrant, pulsing capital of London. The combination of cultures is reminiscent of how Price has combined various genres within Poetic Horror’s music.

I’m excited to see what 2019 has in store for Poetic Horror, hopefully, a full EP is on the horizon.