10 Unmissable Acts at Sziget 2019


10 Unmissable Acts at Sziget 2019

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This year’s Sziget Festival located on an island in the beautiful city of Budapest in Hungary is only a few months away and tickets are going fast, We’ve chosen some of the best acts for you to check out at the festival, some are veterans you may have already heard of before, others are new and upcoming bands you may have not but what they all have in common is that they will all put on unmissable sets you can’t miss!

1 - Foo Fighters

There’s a reason Foo Fighters have sustained a career in music for over two decades now and it's not just down to having some of the most beloved classic rock tunes of all time. It’s due to the fact, that without a doubt they are the greatest live band of all time. It wasn’t till I saw them rocking the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury in 2017 did I truly understand just how much of a life-changing experience it is to witness them perform. Even if you’re not into the rock genre you’d be doing yourself a great disservice if you missed out on watching these guys perform. Masters of their craft and their instruments, they’ll have you screaming along at the top of your lungs to anthems such as ‘Best Of You’ and ‘The Pretender’ and even touch an emotional nerve with the utterly captivating ‘Times Like These’. They’re the best live band on the planet and in the beautiful Sziget sun, it won’t take you long to figure out why.

2 - Florence & The Machine

This summer Florence gracefully glides onto the Sziget main-stage to perform what is bound to be a simply iconic headline performance. She’s already bewitched the Glastonbury main stage and this summer she headlines London grand 65,000 capacity Hyde Park for the second time before she mesmerises Budapest. Latest album ‘High As Hope’ is perhaps her greatest yet;

‘Hunger’ is yet another epic power ballad to match the biggest in her discography such as ‘Dog Days Are Over’ and ‘Shake It Out’ whilst the more tender moments on the record ‘South London Forever’, ‘Grace’ is utterly emotionally devastating yet heart-achingly beautiful, enough to melt the coldest hearts and have you shed a tear. Not to mention live highlight ‘Queen Of Peace’ which is undoubtedly one of the most spine-tingling performances you’ll ever witness. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve seen Florence, it never gets any less special.

3 - Ed Sheeran

At first, it seemed like a strange headline booking, I mean Ed Sheeran is approaching a third year of touring his third studio album ‘Divide’ but as recent weeks have gone by its transpired to in fact have been a stroke of genius. In July he will release his new album ‘Collaborations Project No.6’ which has already spawned two hit singles ‘Cross Me’ and ‘I Don’t Care’.

Sziget will not just be the first festival he plays that but in fact the only one this summer in the world. Of course as well as his upcoming album, Ed has released some of the biggest songs in pop over the past decade so get ready to sing along to beloved ballads such as ‘A-Team’ and ‘Perfect’ as well as his more joyous upbeat singalongs such as ‘Shape of You’, ‘Galway Girl’ and his live highlight ‘Bloodstream’ in which Sheeran destroys guitars with his ferocity during the song. His Budapest return should not be missed.

4 - The National

There is simply no better time to see American alternative rock band The National perform live, having just released one of the years finest albums with their eighth studio record ‘I Am Easy To Find’, an album which saw the group embrace a more female touch with a plethora of special guests such as former Bowie collaborator Gail Ann Dorsey and ‘This is The Kit’s’ Kate Stables which have brought a wondrous new direction to the group, especially on album standouts ‘Oblivions’, ‘Where Is Her Head’ and ‘Light Years’, each is utterly beautiful.

A lot of the album's guests make frequent appearances on stage this tour so you’re in for a treat especially if any of the band's recent TV performances are to go by. The group also have a selection of well-beloved classic Indie rock anthems fueled by Matt Berninger’s strong vocal delivery and the Dessner brothers incredible instrumentation and orchestration on such beloved fan classics ‘I Need My Girl’, ‘Terrible Love’ and ‘Bloodbuzz Ohio’.

The National may not be a household name but they should be an essential part of your festival schedule nether the less.

5 - The 1975

Quirky British quartet The 1975 released arguably one of the most critically acclaimed albums of last year with ‘A Brief Enquiry Into Online Relationships’ which saw the group become the bonafide rock stars they’ve also thought they were. As well as headlining this years Reading Festival they’ll fly over to Budapest to make a hotly anticipated performance at Sziget, their new record features ‘It’s Not Living If It’s Not With You’ alongside ‘Love It If We Made It’ and ‘Give Yourself A Try’.

That’s without mentioning their upcoming fourth album set to drop this autumn, so expect to hear new songs alongside their most recent hits and classic songs such as ‘The Sound’ and ‘Somebody Else’. This tour has also seen the group embrace technology for one of the most ambitious stage shows any band has attempted, it's bright and transfixing, which ironically is also a great way to describe their erratic and captivating front man Matt Healy who makes each show completely unpredictable and joyous. Don’t miss the UK’s hottest boy band.

6 - Twenty One Pilots

Twenty One Pilots have been working away releasing their mix of Pop Punk, Hip Hop and Rock for a whole decade now, it is fair to say however, they didn’t really hit their stride until four years ago with the release of fourth album ‘Blurryface’ which featured hit singles ‘Stressed out’ and ‘Heavydirtysoul’. Since then it's fair to say they haven’t looked back, especially with the release of their chart-topping fifth album Trench which released at the end of last year.

The American duo is set to dominate Europe this summer with headline performances at both Reading/Leeds and Sziget. They’re well known as an incredible and crazy live act, setting cars on fire, creating mosh pits and diving off balconies into the crowd. They’re set to provide the single wildest show of the Festival and you’d be crazy to miss out on the mania the pair have in store.

7 - Macklemore

One of my favourite gigs of last year was watching Macklemore, the US pop rapper’s most recent solo album from 2017 ‘Gemini’ is simply joyous and to be a bit tongue in cheek ‘Glorious’, it’s simply uplifting and pure fun when performed live.

Macklemore himself is a veteran to Sziget having last headlined with his collaborator Ryan Lewis a few years ago. You can also expect some of those old tunes from the pair to make an appearance such as crazy party anthem ‘Thrift Shop’, the raucous ‘Can’t Hold Us’ and LGBTQ anthem ‘Same Love’. When Macklemore returns to Sziget it's guaranteed to be a party and we’re all invited.

8 - Tove Lo

Swedish pop sensation Tove Lo is unpredictable, wild, outrageous and an absolute blast live. I mean, what more could you want? Tove Lo arrives at Sziget in anticipation of her upcoming fourth album and if its newly released lead single ‘Glad He’s Gone’ is anything to go by then she’s bound to be the must-see Pop set of the weekend.

Female pop is seemingly at a peak at the moment and despite being one of Europe’s brightest exports chances to see Tove Lo live are at a premium this summer so make sure not to miss out on sex and drug-fuelled pop songs such as ‘Cool Girl’, ‘Stay High’ and ‘disco tits’. Beware however things can get pretty wild when the Swedish exhibitionist performs live, see for yourself in this NSFW live clip.

9 - Boy Pablo

Perhaps my favourite discovery over this past year has been the Norwegian alternative rock band Boy Pablo. Their songs are perfect for Sziget’s summer sun.

They have a very distinctive American ‘The Strokes’ feel to their sound that really gives them a global feel. It's hard to compare the group to anyone around at the moment because they genuinely provide an exciting and fresh sound I haven’t heard as of yet still in 2019. Their songs are full of catchy melodies to hook your causal listener but full of interesting instrumentation and harmonies that will have audiophiles hook, don’t miss out on one of Europe’s most exciting fresh faced talents.


CHVRCHES will always have a special place in our hearts, we’ve followed them across the world and witnessed performances everywhere from their hometown of Glasgow to sunny California and each time they’ve left us feeling both overwhelmed and enamoured. They return to Sziget this year following the release of third album ‘Love Is Dead’ and I can’t wait to watch them for a personal ninth time. Their material always takes on completely different energy on stage, ever since those early shows they’ve continued to grow into a truly spectacular live band whose crowd control is now unmatched.

You’ll witness thousands of fans and festival-goers alike throwing their arms into the air and singing along to every word. As a live act, they’ve honed their craft and continue to meld electronic drops and synthesised pop with gorgeous and catchy hooks, their a band that feels so inherently 80s  in their DNA yet they feel so current at the same time. I never tire of seeing this hardworking Scottish band live and if you’re seeing them for the first time at this year's event prepare to be hooked.

To get tickets to this years event visit the festivals site here.

Anyone we missed that you can’t wait to see at this years Sziget? Let us know in the comments below!